A selection of our products can be found in the year round exhibition stilhaus, Rothrist (Showroom). There you can see the different stone types and lighting options. The sale of products is provisionally held exclusively on the website of Mexia Design (mexiadesign.com). In addition, we can also be reached via e-mail (info@mexiadesign.com).

The LED Table Lamp is maintenance-free, since the LED light is fixed, it cannot be replaced.

Before cleaning a Mexia Design product make sure it is turned off and disconnected from the power supply. Let the Light cool completely.

The lamp should only be wiped with a clean, soft, dry cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaning solvents, as the surface may become scratched or function impaired.

Do not press too hard on the surfaces, you may scratch them.

Always unplug the AC adapter from the wall outlet before cleaning the product, or if you do not use it for a long time.

The product is used for lighting in dry, indoor locations. It is not intended for outdoor or for commercial organizations, as extreme temperatures and direct sunlight can damage the product or limit its lifetime.

Do not use the lamp near water or moisture (example: a cellar).

If the AC adapter is damaged, do not use the product.

Turn off the AC outlet to which the power supply is connected on all poles. Then unplug the AC adapter from the electrical outlet.

If it can be assumed that safe operation is no longer possible, the product must be put out of operation and protected against accidental operation.

It can be assumed that safe operation is no longer possible if:

  • The product is visibly damaged.
  • The product is not working properly (flickering light, smoke, burning smell, audible crackle, discoloration of the product or on near areas).
  • The product has been stored for a long time under unfavorable conditions.
  • Heavy transport stress occurred.

In every case, contact Mexia Design Switzerland GmbH within 3 days after the
determination of the defects.

For safety reasons, it is not permitted to convert and / or modify the product. The lamp must be opened only by qualified persons.

This depends on the product. The delivery date will be provided when placing the order.

Using the dimmer switch: Some products contain a button which allows you to turn the lamp on and off and dim. Press the button once, the light will turn on, hold it, the light is dimmed.

When you press the button again briefly, the lamp turns off.

Dimming by remote control: The products can also be ordered with a remote control. Here you will find 2 buttons to dim the lamp lighter or darker.

Dimming by gestures: Some of our products are equipped with the new gesture control. The sensor detects your hand and allows you to regulate the light in its brightness.

You follow these steps:

  1. Keep your hand on the side of the lamp (at a minimum of 40cm from the floor) and it will turn on.
  2. If the hand remains in this area, the intensity of the light will increase and then decrease again.
  3. Take your hand away when the desired brightness is achieved.
  4. To turn off, hold your hand over the sensor again until the light turns off.

Do not use the product below a temperature of -8 ° C.

The Onix Stone is a natural product and can reveal a lot of different structures. Within the individual varieties of Onix, there are large differences in structure.

The professionals of Mexia design will advise you and give you information about the individual stone types and their variations.

All products made out of Onix and the wooden parts are made in Mexico, where the raw material is obtained. The complete technical installation of all our products takes place in Switzerland.