Leuchten aus Stein
Neue Ausstellung in der Bauarena Volketswil
Januar 4, 2018
Previs Empfang
September 11, 2018

Light and building 2018

Messe Frankfurt

At this year´s edition of the Light + Building 2018 trade fair in Frankfurt am Main, Mexia Design Switzerland presented onyx lamps and furniture collections.

This new challenge, our first fair, was a mix of dubiety and excitement; it ended up as a great experience getting to know new friends and good opportunities to participate in different projects.

No doubt it was a week that expanded our vision and for sure the first of many fairs to come.

Hopefully, we´ll see you at the next exposition to show you our new collections, objects functionally effective, made to decorate and enhance the surrounding ambient.

Light and building 2018

Hall 5.1 A.87


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